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Erect Scaffolding Ltd Secure Scaffolding Platforms Christchurch

Secure scaffolding platforms form a major part of scaffolding safety and scaffolding function.

They ensure a safe stable base for working plus they help ensure staff and site safety by providing protection from falls and falling objects.

Correct use of platforms also protects the building structure and surfaces by keeping staff and material weight supported on correct platforming rather than anywhere else on the building.

Correctly designed and positioned, secure platforms are combined with guard rails to ensure Erect Scaffolding Ltd meets the new Government (MBIE/Department of Labour and Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment) requirements for roofing safety.


Korban Bastiaanse - Operations Manager

Cell: 027 733 6623





Erect Scaffolding Ltd - For more information contact Korban Bastiaanse on 027 733 6623