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Erect Scaffolding Ltd Roof Edge Protection Christchurch

Roof edge protection is the preferred control for preventing falls from roofs on single-story buildings because it isolates multiple workers from the risk of a fall.

Differences in roofing and differing pitch angles require an adjusted roof protection solution to protect workers and ground staff.

OSH regulations require roof edge protection to be installed for any roof work.

We are fully equipped to install roof edge protection Christchurch & Canterbury and further afield for you in a way that is safe and also suitable for the work being done.

This involves guard rails, harness and restraint systems and secure work platforms. Ensuring the safety of all those working at the site.

Erect Scaffolding meets the new Government (MBIE/Department of Labour and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) requirements for roofing safety.

We can provide protection & shrink wrap specifically for any roof work and roof workers or as part of the overall site scaffolding structure.


Korban Bastiaanse - Operations Manager

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Roof Edge Protection

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