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Erect Scaffolding Ltd Commercial Scaffolding Christchurch

Commercial Scaffolding Christchurch

For all Commercial Scaffolding Christchurch call Erect Scaffolding Ltd who provides scaffolding and fencing for industrial and light commercial needs including construction firms, building companies, subdivisions, and other large-scale projects.

All our commercial scaffolding Christchurch complies with the latest health and safety requirements and is regularly maintained to a consistent quality ensuring safety and security for contractors and the public.

For large or complex projects we offer a highly professional and personalised service - our team can provide safe and reliable commercial scaffolding to meet almost any expectation or demand.

We ensure the best access on the site for contractors to enable work to be completed efficiently, safely & without disruption.

Our experienced team offers commercial services available throughout Christchurch, Canterbury and further afield.

 Scaffolding Christchurch: Commercial - Industrial - Residential Scaffolding Christchurch - Canterbury - and further afield.Contact:


Korban Bastiaanse - Operations Manager

Cell: 027 733 6623


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Erect Scaffolding Ltd - For more information contact Korban Bastiaanse on 027 733 6623