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Erect Scaffolding Ltd Building Shrink Wrap Christchurch

Building Shrink Wrap Christchurch. Building Shrink Wrap Canterbury and further afield.

Contact Erect Scaffolding Ltd who can provide Shrink wrapping and coverage for all Residential and Commercial Projects Christchurch and Canterbury.

Shrink Wrap is an ideal way to fully protect your project during renovations or new builds. 

Shrink Wrap can prevent moisture, dirt and dust from entering your project while providing weather protection for subcontractors.

Erect Scaffolding Ltd also provides Scrim for all commercial projects, which prevents debris and equipment escaping from the scaffold structure.

Building Shrink Wrap Christchurch. Building Shrink Wrap Canterbury, call Erect Scaffolding Ltd, a Christchurch based scaffolding company.


Sebastiaan Bastiaanse:  027 733 6623

Erect Scaffolding Ltd

Address: PO Box 401 Kaiapoi 7644



Erect Scaffolding Ltd - For more information call Sebastiaan Bastiaanse on 027 733 6623

Address: Po Box 401 Kaiapoi 7644